• Expanding Networks, Creating Connections

    Our relationships extend beyond simple transactions. Each client interaction is a chance to forge a lasting friendship, enriching our journey. With us, you gain access to a community that spans local and diverse markets, offering more than just a property, but a home filled with potential and connections.

  • Personalized Service, Amplified

    Your referrals receive the highest level of care and attention. Introducing a friend to our services extends your experience of detailed, thoughtful engagement to them, enhancing our collaborative impact across various markets.

  • Streamlined Processes for Local and National Moves

    Our expertise doesn't stop at Myrtle Beach. Whether you or someone you know is moving across town or across the country, we ensure a smooth and efficient process. We simplify the complexities of moving, manage all the details, and coordinate with agents in other markets to guarantee a stress-free start in a new home.

  • Continuous, Clear Communication

    We maintain open lines of communication from the get-go. You’ll always be in the loop with regular updates and clear, transparent information, ensuring you feel secure and informed at every phase of the process.

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Liam Pierce


License # 86289

Being an outstanding REALTOR® involves more than just expertise; it encompasses integrity, a deep understanding of the community and market, marketing acumen, proficient negotiation abilities, and a robust professional network. These qualities form the foundation of my professional conduct.

However, through my journey as a Realtor®, I've learned that superior service fundamentally revolves around prioritizing my clients. This commitment translates into maintaining availability, excelling in communication, and listening, and swiftly addressing your needs.

This dedication to putting clients first guides my practice. It motivates me to enhance my skills and business methods continuously. Furthermore, embracing the latest technologies has streamlined my operations and broadened the spectrum of services I offer, ensuring that I meet my clients' needs more effectively and efficiently.

Tammi Pierce

Broker Associate

Tammi Pierce, a trusted advisor and Myrtle Beach real estate expert, founded The Pierce Group with her husband in 2012. Known for over 500 successful sales, Tammi offers extensive experience and a personal approach to every client. Understanding family needs deeply, she excels in finding the right neighborhoods and homes, especially for families relocating to the area. Tammi is not only about transactions; her negotiating skills and understanding of the market dynamics ensure her clients get the best deals. Utilizing her marketing savvy, she ensures properties receive maximum visibility. For anyone looking to navigate the Myrtle Beach real estate market, Tammi Pierce is the expert companion you need.